About us

Hi and thank you for supporting A Kinder Way!! Husband and wife team Foti and Katrina Koutsellis are the creators of A Kinder Way. They enjoy a kind, peaceful, toxin free lifestyle on acreage in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast with their beautiful rescue animals.  They embrace a plant based organic diet and love growing their own veggies and living amongst nature! Kindness is everything to them and they would like to share their A Kinder Way Journey with you 🙂

A Kinder Way - Plant Based Products offers organic/insecticide free and cruelty free products, legumes, nuts and seeds packaged with love and kindness.

There is personal connection, care and intention of packaging all products. We are trying to help bridge the connection and appreciation between people and the nourishing food they eat.

We have created the display stands for our  market stall using only recycled materials.

Please remember to store your products in an airtight glass container if you are not using them straight away.

You can find us at: